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Friday AAW Results From Merrionette Park, IL + Other Show Results

-"Buck Nasty" Bucky Collins & Eddie Machete d. Xander Killen & Josh DeWayne when Collins pinned DeWayne after a spinning Rock Bottom (7:53).
-Phil Colvin, Daryck St. Holmes, & Tyler Volz officially opened the show by hyping the lineup. Scarlett Bordeaux(w/ Connor Braxton & Eddie Machete) interrupted the proceedings to issue an open challenge on Braxton's behalf...
-"The Notorious 187" Homicide d. Connor Braxton(w/ Scarlett Bordeaux & Eddie Machete) after a top-rope Gringo Cutter (4:10); Homicide had taken out Scarlett with a Gringo Cutter when she interfered. Homicide dropped Machete with a Gringo Killer(Vertebreaker) but was then attacked by Ohio Is 4 Killers(Jake & Dave Crist)(w/ J.T. Davidson). The save was made by Kongo Kong & Markus Crane(w/ Louis J. Pinder), kicking off an impromptu tag bout.
-Ohio Is 4 Killers(Jake & Dave Crist)(w/ J.T. Davidson) d. Kongo Kong & Markus Crane(w/ Louis J. Pinder); Jake pinned Crane after he and Dave hit a double-stomp-spike Tombstone (6:34).
-On the big screen, Marty DeRosa interviewed Davey Vega, Mat Fitchett, & "The Last Real Man" Silas Young. For one night only, Vega and Silas would be "The Last Real Besties" to deal with their respective issues while Vega's usual "Besties In The World" tag team partner Fitchett would be in a four-corner match.
-Matt Riddle d. "The American Wolf" Davey Richards with the Bromission("twister" submission hold) (12:15).
-"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin won a four-corner match with Dezmond Xavier, "The Dirty Rook" Mat Fitchett, and Paco Gonzalez when he pinned Paco after a sitout superbomb (13:28).
-On the big screen, DeRosa interviewed Colt Cabana & Chuck Taylor. Apparently there had been a previous incident with Vega biting Taylor's nether regions and he recruited Cabana to protect said regions.
-Drew Galloway d. "Mr. Athletic" Jeff Cobb after the Future Shock(double-underhook DDT) (14:29). Afterwards, Drew talked about his recent severe neck injury and how this was only his second singles match since returning to action.
-Pentagon Jr. d. "The Knockout Artist" Chris Hero after two Mexican Destroyers and then a pumphandle Michinoku Driver (7:58). The top rope snapped loose early in the bout and the two brawled into the crowd for a few minutes, eventually continuing the match in the ring without the rope. (The top rope was repaired during intermission.) Hero gave no definite answers about his immediate future, but simply said to watch out for him wherever he might be.
-Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana & "The Kentucky Gentleman" Chuck Taylor d. "The Last Real Man" Silas Young & Davey Vega; Chuck was hesitant to bounce off the ropes for obvious reasons. Vega attempted to bite Taylor's nether regions again, but Chuck protected himself with a metal cup. Cabana forced Vega to tap out to the Billy Goat's Curse(reverse Boston crab) as Taylor rubbed the cup in Vega's face (10:12).
-"The Punk Rock Ragdoll" Heidi Lovelace d. Kimber Lee after the second top-rope senton bomb of the match (11:01). Both women spoke to the fans afterwards as they're headed to NXT; Heidi in particular thanked AAW for taking a chance on her as a regular competitor.
-Super A.C.H. d. A.R. Fox with the Midnight Star(450 Splash) to win the Heritage Title (11:46).
-"The Death Machine" Sami Callihan(w/ J.T. Davidson & Dave Crist) d. Rey Fenix with the Stretch Muffler(leg-over-head half-crab) with a bodyscissors and kicks to the head to retain the Heavyweight Title (16:40). Callihan claimed to respect Fenix and they shook hands, but then Sami stunned Fenix with a low blow. The Killer Cult attempted to dish out more damage until Homicide made the save...leading to a challenge for a cage match at a future event!


Thursday IWA-MS results from Jeffersonville, IN featuring the start of a tournament to crown a new Heavyweight Champion(Tracey Smothers was the previous titleholder):

-Cole Radrick vs. Malcolm Monroe III.
-Mance Warner d. Travis Titan.
-Heidi Katrina d. Maltese Tiger.
-Corey Storm d. Nick Doepp.
-Aaron Williams d. Bret Havoc.
-Shane Mercer d. Johnathan Wolf.
-Joey Kidd Owens d. Myron Reed.
-John Wayne Murdoch d. Ray Waddell.
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