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-Commentators: Tom Phillips & Corey Graves.
-The Revival(Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) d. Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss when Dawson pinned Moss after he and Wilder hit the Shatter Machine(Flapjack-into-Codebreaker) (11:02).
-"The Perfect Ten" Tye Dillinger & Buddy Murphy d. "The Glorious" Bobby Roode & "The Drifter" Elias Samson when Dillinger pinned Samson after the Tye Breaker(Death Valley Driver onto the knee) (11:21).
-Ember Moon won a triple threat match with Liv Morgan and Billie Kay when she pinned Kay after the Eclipse(flying Stone Cold Stunner off the top rope) (8:28).
-Do It Yourself(Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) d. TM-61(Nick Miller & Shane Thorne) to retain the NXT Tag Team Titles; Ciampa pinned Miller after a running knee strike to the back of the head while Gargano delivered a close-range superkick (14:51 aired).
-Shinsuke Nakamura d. Samoa Joe in a cage match to retain the NXT Title, hitting a Kinshasa(flying knee strike) off the top rope and then following up with two more Kinshasas for the pinfall (18:16 aired). (This match previously aired in clipped form.)
-Next week: Do It Yourself defend the NXT Tag Team Titles against The Revival.
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