powerpb13 (powerpb13) wrote,

FCW TV 7/26/09

Johnny Curtis vs. Christoph Herzog: Herzog wrestled once on FCW TV as Chris Raaber. Herzog whips Curtis hard into the turnbuckles a few times, but Curtis hits the spinning heel kick out of nowhere for the quick win.

Kris Logan(w/ Justin Angel) vs. Tag Team Champion Caylen Croft(w/ Trent Beretta): Logan does the innovation thing...but General Manager Abraham Washington(w/ Rosa Mendes) decides to grace us with his presence. He doesn't want to pay the cornermen to play cheerleaders, so he makes it an impromptu (non-title) tag match...that'll work.

Tag Team Champions The Dudebusters vs. Kris Logan & Justin Angel(n/t): Beretta protests that he isn't dressed to wrestle and the good guys go on the offensive. The champs take control when Beretta backdrops Logan over the top rope...the heels isolate Logan for several minutes, but Logan backslides Trent out of nowhere for the flash pin! Yup, that'll put them in title contention...

Sweet Papi Sanchez(w/ Candy Girl) vs. Mr. Tyson Tarver: Let's see if they mention their prior history...yup, Byron Saxton notes their past in the Conglomerate. Tarver tries to slug it out with Papi, but it doesn't seem to have much effect. IT'S THE BIG FOOT wins it for Sanchez...but Tarver recovers to level Sanchez with the big right hook after the match!

Donny Marlow(formerly Agent T) vs. Fred Rosser: The commentators note that we've seen Marlow before, though they're as unspecific as possible. It looks like a face vs. face matchup, though Marlow starts cheating a bit as the match progresses. He betrays his heritage with a diving headbutt and the dreaded NERVEHOLD~! The fans don't really buy into Rosser's comeback, so Marlow finishes quickly with a Samoan Drop.

Tyler Reks vs. Alex Riley(w/ Beverly Mullins) for the Heavyweight Title: Riley's had the god push for a while, decisively winning the feud with Johnny Prime and being associated with the heel authority figure...here's his big opportunity. Looks like it's going long too...no one can hold a clear advantage in the opening minutes. Beverly grabs Reks' foot, distracting him long enough for Riley to dropkick him out of the ring. Reks tries for quick rollups when he sees an opening, but Riley keeps up the abuse(see, Reks is trying to win the match). Reks finally makes the full-fledged comeback and hits High Tide, but Riley escapes the Burning Hammer to hit a Rude Awakening...for two. Samoan drop by Riley, but the ref catches him with his feet on the bottom rope. Piledriver attempt is countered with a backdrop and Reks hits the Big Kahuna(middle-turnbuckle moonsault)...for two. Reks throws Riley to the floor, but Beverly distracts the champion and/or the referee...and Riley blasts Reks with a chair to stop a suicide dive! Oops, ref wasn't THAT distracted...Reks wins by DQ.

Next week: Grand Russo Royale~!
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