powerpb13 (powerpb13) wrote,

Lucha Underground Season 3 Episode 17

-Commentators: Matt Striker & Vampiro.
-Elsewhere: Vampiro told Prince Puma that his journey into darkness would begin tonight...Puma pledged his allegiance to his new "master".
-Jeremiah Crane d. Mil Muertes(w/ Catrina Perez) after Prince Puma attacked Muertes with a kendo stick behind the referee's back, allowing Crane to score the surprise win after a pump kick (1:56). Puma dished out more damage with the kendo stick after the match, then made eye contact with Vampiro at the broadcast table...
-Backstage: Ricky Mandel crossed paths with Sexy Star...he offered some compliments in a backhanded way(referring to Heavyweight Champion Johnny Mundo as "the best"), then passed along a gift...which was revealed to contain another spider.
-Elsewhere backstage: Famous B(w/ Beautiful Brenda) made an offer to El Texano Jr. to join his clientele...he said that Texano was good, but the fans seemed to like Brian Cage a bit more and he could help his image. Texano declined in short order.
-Striker asked Vampiro about Puma...he simply said that it was between the two of them.
-Jack Evans & "The Darewolf" P.J. Black d. Angélico & Son Of Havoc when Evans pinned Havoc after a Phoenix Splash(moonsault-into-450 Splash) off the second rope (5:47).
-Backstage in promoter Dario Cueto's office: Sexy Star barged through the door and demanded a match with Mariposa(thinking she was behind the recent spider sightings)...Dario made it so.
-Match 4 Of Best-Of-5 Series: El Texano Jr. d. Brian "They Call Him" Cage after dropping him face-first on an exposed turnbuckle, then finishing off the bloodied Cage with a superkick and sitout powerbomb (2:13).
-After the match, Dario exited his office and said he couldn't wait to see who would win his "ultimate opportunity"...so he wouldn't. Match five would take place NEXT and it would be an anything-goes match...RING THE BEEEEELL~!
-Match 5 Of Best-Of-5 Series, Anything-Goes Match: Brian "They Call Him" Cage d. El Texano Jr. with the Drill Claw(vertical suplex into sitout Tombstone) (13:40).
-Dario said that Cage's prize could not be given to him in front of the fans...they were too weak-minded to understand it. He invited Cage into his office, where he opened his mysterious box and presented him with a gauntlet. Dario claimed it possessed great power...Cage wasn't interested, but Dario invited him to try it on. Cage did so and seemed possessed by its power for a moment as he throttled Dario...then released him and told him that he would keep it after all.
-Next week: Johnny Mundo vs. Willie Mack and Sexy Star vs. Mariposa.
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