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Smackdown + 205 Live

WWE Smackdown

-Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Tom Phillips, David Otunga, & John Bradshaw Layfield.
-Baron Corbin d. Dolph Ziggler with the End Of Days(mid-air Flatliner) (9:52 aired). Kalisto saved Ziggler from a post-match chair attack, but Ziggler snapped and superkicked Kalisto, yelling that he didn't need anyone. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a heel turn.
-Becky Lynch d. La Luchadora; the masked woman switched places with another one mid-match, but the second Luchadora missed a Twisted Bliss(twisting top-rope splash) and Becky made her tap out to the Dis-Arm-Her(armbar submission) (2:04). Becky unmasked the second Luchadora as Smackdown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, but the first Luchadora blindsided Becky and Alexa left her laying with a DDT.
-Carmella Van Damme(w/ James Ellsworth) d. Aliyah Areebi after Ellsworth tripped Aliyah on the ropes, allowing Carmella to superkick Aliyah and finish with the Code Of Silence(push-up headscissors submission) (2:51).
-Smackdown Tag Team Champions American Alpha(Jason Jordan & Chad Gable) d. Breezango(Tyler Breeze & Johnny Fandango)(non-title) when Gable pinned Breeze after he and Jordan hit the Grand Amplitude(Jordan belly-to-back throw into Gable bridging back suplex) (0:31).
-Dean Ambrose d. "The Miz" Mike Mizanin(w/ Maryse Ouellet-Mizanin) with the Dirty Deeds v2.0(double-underhook DDT) to win the Intercontinental Title (10:52 aired).
-Next week: John Cena vs. Baron Corbin, American Alpha vs. New Wyatt Family for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles, and Nikki Bella vs. Natalya Neidhart.

WWE 205 Live

-Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves, & Austin Aries.
-Yoshihiro Tajiri d. Sean Maluta with the Buzzsaw Kick (2:49). "The" Brian Kendrick made his entrance and proclaimed that he and Tajiri could dominate the cruiserweight division...they shook hands, but then Tajiri blinded Kendrick with the green mist.
-Backstage: "The Man That Gravity Forgot" Adrian Neville was interviewed about his upcoming match with T.J. Perkins.
-"The Extraordinary Gentleman" Jack Gallagher d. "The Premiere Athlete" Tony Nese(w/ Drew Gulak) by DQ when Ariya Daivari attacked Gallagher (2:15).
-Backstage: Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox had a discussion about her influence on his matches (which has led to several losses).
-Mustafa Ali d. "The Scottish Supernova" Noam Dar with the imploding 450 Splash (6:31). In the post-match interview, Dar said that he would rebound from that loss and proclaimed that Alicia Fox would be more than welcome in HIS corner.
-Coming soon: Akira Tozawa.
-On Saturday 1/14 and Sunday 1/15: The WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament.
-"The Man That Gravity Forgot" Adrian Neville d. T.J. Perkins after the superplex (11:34).
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