powerpb13 (powerpb13) wrote,

Lucha Underground Season 3 Episode 18

-Commentators: Matt Striker & Vampiro.
-Backstage: Mil Muertes was furious over Prince Puma's re-emergence; Catrina Perez told him that Vampiro was to blame and he had to destroy the "master" to get to Puma. As Catrina left Mil's presence, Jeremiah Crane crossed her path to gloat over his victory last week against Muertes, the one she loves. Catrina said that Mil is NOT the one she loves...
-Sexy Star d. Mariposa after a top-rope double-stomp (6:53). After the match, Marty "The Moth" Martinez entered the ring to check on his "sister"...only to turn on her with a chokeslam.
-Backstage: The Rabbit Tribe(Paul London, Saltador, & Mala Suerte) thought Mascarita Sagrada was their "white rabbit" mentor...the masked mini was quick to correct them.
-The Snake Tribe(Trios Champion Drago, Pindar, & Vibora)(w/ Kobra Moon) d. The Rabbit Tribe(Paul London, Saltador, & Mala Suerte) when Drago pinned Saltador after a running Buff Blockbuster (7:04); Kobra Moon forced Drago to take her place in the match and brought him to the ring in chains. Fenix and Aero Star ran in to save their championship partner; once Kobra Moon's hold on the chain was released, Drago seemed confused by the presence of his true allies.
-Backstage: Sexy Star met up with Willie Mack to wish him luck in his Heavyweight Title match against Johnny Mundo; she had asked him to stay in the dressing room area during her previous title match with Mundo, so he asked her to do the same for him.
-Backstage: Promoter Dario Cueto informed Mack that tonight's match was a mere warmup and would NOT be for the Heavyweight Title; however, the winner of the match would get to choose the stipulation for the actual championship bout. Mack told Dario to "always bet on Mack".
-Heavyweight Champion Johnny Mundo d. Willie Mack in a non-title match. The referee was knocked down and Mack had Mundo pinned after a pop-up sitout powerbomb, but the delayed count only reached two. That brought out Jack Evans and "The Darewolf" P.J. Black to run interference, distracting Mack and the referee long enough for a low blow and rollup pin by Mundo (8:43). The Worldwide Underground trio dished out a post-match beatdown and Mundo informed Mack that their championship match would be an "All Night Long" Ironman Match! They capped off their assault with a triple-team curbstomp...but Mil Muertes and Catrina Perez made a surprise appearance and the trio took their leave. Without warning, Mil rushed Vampiro at the broadcast table and attacked him! Muertes threw Vampiro into the ring to continue the assault, bringing out Prince Puma...but Vampiro simply told Puma to "GO!" before Muertes dropped him with the Flatliner.
-Next week: The "midseason finale".
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